Year of Reenactment
(since 1972 suspension)
Year of First Execution
(since reenactment)

1885-1911: hanging

1912-1920: hanging or firing squad

1921-1982: lethal gas

1983-present: lethal injection

Current Method
Lethal Injection


Nevada has life without parole.  A jury decides the sentence.  A Panel that includes the Governor has the authority to grant clemency. In order for it to be granted, the Governor must vote in the majority. State Legislatures may also pass laws that suspend the execution of sentences.

In 2002 the Nevada Board of Pardons and Paroles, headed by Governor Guinn, reduced the sentence of Thomas Nevius to life without the possibility of parole following the United States Supreme Court decision in Atkins v. Virginia which forbade the execution of the mentally retarded.

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